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Position Paper

Sustainable and Inclusive Trade

Exploring the Promise of a Sustainable and
Inclusive Trade Agenda for Indigenous Peoples

Join us in advocating for a trade agenda that respects and amplifies the voices of Indigenous Peoples on a global scale. This report emphasizes the importance of supporting Indigenous Peoples' participation in the development of international trade policy and how amplifying Indigenous worldviews will promote sustainability.

This comprehensive study authored by INDIGI-X alumni Carrie Stoddart-Smith and International Trade Lawyer Risa Schwartz, delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by Indigenous Peoples in international trade. 🌱


"The challenge will be ensuring that Indigenous Peoples are supported and enabled to participate, that appointment processes are fair and transparent, and that those tasked with representing Indigenous voices take a global approach," highlights our report. Let's work together to overcome these challenges and create a more inclusive trade landscape. 


Download the report now and contribute to the dialogue on sustainable and inclusive trade practices. Together, we can drive positive change for Indigenous Peoples worldwide.

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